Monday, July 7, 2008

Netbeans and Eclipse's Javascript Supports

It turns out Netbeans' support of Javascript is much better than Eclipse. It will save me lots of time

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How to Install Eclipse DStore

Install a DStore server for Eclipse remote access for Eclipse Ganymede. Remote accessing your servers direct from your eclipse makes your life easier. A very detailed tutorials, Thanks Ikool!! For more details please read the original article

Thursday, June 26, 2008

import videos taped in Sony HandyCam

Oh, my, I am waiting for so long time and I have more than 10 tapes piled in my computer room. I stopped shooting for such a long time. So i am sure I will come back to my regular live with my lovely camcorder again.Sony HandyCam DCR is such a popular camcorder, I highly recommend this article for those who are using Sony HandyCam DCR

Here is the article

JDeveloper and Eclipse shortcuts compared

A comparison between common shortcuts in JDeveloper and Eclipse IDEs.I have been looking for this for a very long time since I am practically an eclipse user. I am expecting most of the features in Eclipse available in JDeveloper if not allI will love these shortcuts and they could save me big timeIkool, good job!

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How to disable Firefox 3.0 Smart Location Bar

Tips of Disable Firefox 3.0 Smart Location Bar collectively get a list of links to the question that most people ask now: Disable that "awesome firefox bar". Thanks for the efforts, IKOOL

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fancy Ball Pens


These ball pens are promotional ball pens. It can be customized based on your requirements. And we will have more information on how and where the imprint will be.

Click any one of these to view the enlarged image. If you like and want what you see, please leave me your contact information and I will contact you soon.

You can order big bunch from us, the more you buy from us the more you will save.

Make A 3GP Mobile Video for your handheld devices

A very good article on 3gp mobile video. I'd like to create my own 3gp videos for my iphone. Highly recommend you to read it